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Anonymous asked:

As an African American, is it considered offensive if I wear kente print cloth? I've started to fall in love with the prints and designs recently, and it lead me to start learning the meaning and culture behind it, but I feel as though it would offend true Ghanaians if I wear it

About Me answered:


Dear anonymous, your conscious effort to gain cultural knowledge and respect is already a step away from the territory of appropriation. I assume you’re talking about a piece of clothing with the pattern on it, and not the heavy handwoven ceremonial cloth that is wrapped around the body. Kente has proliferated in the market and in fashion shows, and is part of Ghanaian everyday wear today. It is not restricted to traditional-religious ceremonies alone, neither is it connected to a colonial experience that disparages Ghanaians. In my view, you can wear pieces of clothing with kente design.

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